The videos on this page are my thoughts on business, life, the universe and everything in between.  They are based on years of observation and I hope you find them interesting and, possibly, thought provoking.  Of course, you may not agree with all of my conclusions which is absolutely fine; I definitely don’t have all the answers – in fact, I’m not sure I have all the questions.  All I ask is that you think about each one before you dismiss it out of hand; you may find that there is more truth in them than you think at first.

If you’d like to discuss any of them or how I might help your business transform itself, or if you’d like me to present to your business or business group, please give me a call at (303) 856 5778 or contact me HERE

New Videos – June 2016

Why FileMaker?


We don’t have time!

The Truth about Spreadsheets

The Benefits of Change

My way or highway – Not

Easy Implementation

Accounting Programs

Lost without GPS

Older Videos

Yes Men

Business Cards



Squandering Resources


Personnel Management

Minimum Wage


New Ideas

Customer Service

Good Managers

Paying Peanuts



Fragmented Technology

Interviewing Course

Dealing with Change

Resisting Change



What’s Possible

Bad Managers

Website Apps