Creating a Podcast Graphic

My friend, Dan Feldman, came up with an idea for a podcast he wanted to do and he was bouncing titles off me to get some feedback. The concept of the podcast was to discuss Agile (generally recognized as being a methodology for getting projects completed) but to discuss where Agile has gone, since its early days, and where it is now going.

Finally he came up with the title ‘Agile and Beyond’ which immediately made me think of Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) who would cry ‘To infinity and beyond’. Now since I have a, somewhat, twisted sense of humor, I went online, found an illustration of Buzz Lightyear and set to work to create a graphic. (I knew from the outset that we wouldn’t be able to use the character itself in the final version, but as a way of getting inspired, it worked incredibly well).

Between us, Dan and I went through multiple iterations, including scouring the Internet for some ‘space/science fiction’ fonts, and I thought it might be fun to share the process and, hopefully, engender a laugh or two so here are the variations.

We now needed to find an astronaut or space suit picture so that we could put Dan in a real space suit. NASA had some very nice public domain photos so we grabbed one we liked and did a little Photoshop magic.

Web site graphic

Podcast Artwork (for iTunes)

Business Card

Mission Accomplished

P.S. Dan is now known as Buzz and there is incontrovertible proof that he’s a space cadet.

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