FileMaker vs. Excel

For years, I’ve been telling anybody who will listen that Microsoft Excel (or any spreadsheet program, for that matter) is completely unsuitable for running a business. In my opinion, if there is ever a bad product that has been foisted onto the business world, it is the spreadsheet.  The best way I can explain and demonstrate this, is through a series of comparison videos showing common business tasks done with each application.  (I do recommend that you watch the Fundamental Differences video first as it will give you a very quick overview of where they differ).

Fundamental Differences

Building a Quote

Product Performance

Checking Availability

Converting a Quote

Managing Products

Inserting Calculations

Comparing Orders

In interests of fairness, I should mention that I receive a fair amount of hate mail from Excel experts and devotees who are outraged that I should be so critical of their beloved program.  I generally respond with a request for an example of where Excel can outperform FileMaker so that I can post those as the other side of the coin.  I’m still waiting for actual examples but one of the rallying cries is pivot tables which, you can do natively in Excel and which are, to be honest, a fair amount of work to do in FileMaker.  However, while it is true that pivot tables are easy to do in Excel, it presupposes that a). all of the data to be pivoted is in a single spreadsheet (which is very rarely the case) and b). that a pivot table is necessary; in 28 years, I’ve never been asked to produce one.

And, with that, I rest my case, your honor.

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