Is the FDA trying to kill us?

I have long held the theory that the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) is not trying to keep us safe but, rather expose us to harmful products that will reduce our life span, sometimes dramatically. If this were true, ‘cui bono’ (who benefits)? The simple, and obvious, answer is the Government because if any of us die young, there are less benefits that have to be paid out and, since Congress is in the habit of ‘borrowing money’ from Social Security, there is more money available to be borrowed. Actually, I should use the term ‘stolen’ instead of borrowed as I’m not aware of any of that ‘missing’ money ever being repaid.

In order to test my theory, I just typed ‘FDA Corruption’ into Google and below are the results from Page 1. It makes some interesting reading.

Regulatory Discretion and Corruption in the FDA

Isn’t it interesting how often Monsanto comes up when researching FDA corruption?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

And the much hated company Monsanto features in many reports of FDA corruption.

Monsanto Controls Both the White House and the US Congress

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