My New FileMaker Book

It’s taken a very long time indeed but FileMaker & You, Volume 1 is finally finished. 200+ pages of step-by-step guides, tutorial videos and many expert level tips, tricks and techniques that you can quickly and easily implement in your solutions.

FileMaker & You has primarily been written for the novice to intermediate developer, many of whom are likely to be working as in-house developers for companies that use FileMaker, and who are given projects to complete that they don’t have the expertise or knowledge to complete successfully. What this book does is to get you thinking like a professional FileMaker developer by giving you lots of practical examples and ideas that you can learn from, without spending years and years of trial and error.

Now available at the iTunes store.



“Michael’s book uses well-chosen case studies and examples to solve common problems using FileMaker. I often refer to this book to stimulate my thinking when troubleshooting methods and practices. The advice shared is based on core fundamentals of database design and depicts the related FileMaker capabilities—this is key to learning at any level. After spending many years designing custom solutions, I find the techniques in this book to be clear and concise. Michael not only covers the salient points of how a developer would identify common problems, but he delves further into how to use the native capabilities within FileMaker to frame and solve those problems. This book is a valuable read for newcomers and experienced FileMaker developers alike.”

—Bill Pickering, Professional FileMaker Developer

Watch the short video below to find out more about the book, its history and what it is trying to accomplish.

1000+ copies sold in 23 countries

Available Now

Due Out January 2017



Simply submit a tip or a trick that you’ve either come up with yourself or have found incredibly useful (if possible let me know who came up with it in the first place so I can give them proper credit.  If I use the tip, you’ll get a free copy of FileMaker & You, Volume 2 as soon as it is published.

If you write a review of the book on iTunes, please send me a copy of the review and I’ll enter you in a drawing for a free copy of FileMaker & You, Volume 2 as soon as it is published.   I’ll be giving away one free copy for every 20 reviews so you’ve got a very good chance to win.


If you’re serious about learning, and mastering FileMaker™, then I truly believe that FileMaker & You will be the best investment you can make, but I want to hear your comments and thoughts so please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or give me a call and let me know what you think.

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