Pricing for uManageIT

The pricing below includes installation, tutorial videos and support.

Customization for your specific needs is available at a fixed rate of $150 per hour.  (We’ll give you our best guess-timate on how long what you want is likely to take).

All customization is done to master program so upgrades include ALL of the custom features that have been implemented.  (As features are added, they will be posted on our web site so that you can check in and see if there is anything new that you need and can request a new version at any time providing your account is in good standing)

Call us at (303) 856 5778 and ask how you can get uManageIT for free.


On Contract – 3 months in advance, then billed monthly.
Cancel any time.


Single User – $150/month

Up to 5 users – $250/month

Extra Users

$15/month/user + $35 monthly for server software

(For 10 users, it would be $250 (1st 5) + $75 (5 x $15) + $35

Total Monthly = $360)

Dedicated server recommended (Required for 5 or more users); may also require a static IP address for out of the office remote connection to host

Server box not included but we recommend a top-of-the-line Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM and a 256GB Flash Drive for approximately $1200

Additional costs

Required software included

Includes unlimited tech support via email.

Direct One-on-One Technical Support using Remote Control Software to watch and advise

$35 per 15 minutes

Website Apps