Vacation Rental Management

Developed for a company in Australia, this program manages vacation rentals for short and long term rents.  (The program itself is available to other similar businesses on a monthly basis  or can be purchased outright).  Program tracks availability so that double-booking is all but impossible, calculates revenue to owner and generates detailed owner statements on a monthly basis; statements show all incurred expenses for property for month and also all future bookings. Statements can be emailed or printed.  Program also keeps track of cleaning schedules and notifies cleaners of their individual schedules as well as calculating earnings and generating commission statements on a weekly basis.  Program can handle an unlimited number of properties and can be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Customization is available at $125 per hour; all customization is done to master program and then those new features are available to all other users by upgrading.  Program includes video training.

Also has SMS capability – requires account with Twilio to activate.

This is the booking screen showing the current booking.  The buttons on the left display a multitude of different information; all of which is displayed on panels that slide in and out.

Here you simply enter the arrival and departure dates requested and the program instantly displays all available properties along with the cost of each and allows the user to create a booking

Property record.  All other active properties are shown on right of screen; clicking on any one of them will load that record.

Showing specifications for property; fully customizable for individual users requirements

Monthly statement (includes expenses for month & future bookings for property).  Email as attached pdf or print.

Summary of bookings for month

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