Michael Rocharde is a very knowledgeable and experienced business optimizer. He is also a software developer with an expertise in the FileMaker platform. I have used his UManageIT program and have been happily amazed at how it can streamline and optimize any type of business. Michael’s work ethic stems from a passion for what he does and a high standard of quality for his products and services.  Every business can be optimized and Michael Rocharde is the man for that job!

Jeffrey Atherton, Max Height Web Solutions

Michael has vast knowledge of different types of business and the day to day tasks required to run these different types of business. He shares his ideas and solutions to help streamline tasks using his expertise and the Filemaker software tools. He writes intuitive programs to assist the business to achieve their goals. He communicates well, understands company goals and supplies a product that works and is on time. Michael is easy to work with and does what he says he will do. Mini-Mover Conveyor highly recommends Michael.  John Blacklock, Sales Manager, Whipple Enterprises

Michael was a pleasure to work with as a consultant on one of my projects. He responded promptly to inquiries (despite the different time zone) and gave very practical, sound recommendations on how to approach problems we were having in developing our FileMaker solution. Would not hesitate to recommend him and will continue to work with him in the future.

Michael is a FileMaker Pro expert who I would absolutely recommend. He helped us (a retail and wholesale bakery) create a file to automatically update par levels based on historical sales. He went above and beyond, and patiently worked with our moody inventory software to create a functional, valuable system for us.

Excellent work, highly responsive, very professional.

Absolutely 100% happy with this job. Michael did a great job.

Michael’s business insights and his unique skill set triggers a powerful re-evaluation of priorities, allocations and process improvement possibilities.

Awareness of his ability to clearly articulate the value of cost-effective, efficiency building options inevitably leads to the conclusion that working with Michael is a compelling, overwhelming priority.

Working closely with Michael inevitably leads to cost savings and a highly leveraged time value proposition that’s essential for any company looking to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Richard Wickline, eViews

Michael has an amazing ability to hone in on the challenges that businesses face in terms making their operations more efficient. He is gifted at creating the tools that save companies considerable amounts of time and also help to more effectively deploy the skills and talents of the company’s employees.  Joyce Feustel.

Michael was initially hired to update an existing FM database from version 6, which was performed well but ended over budget and over the proposed time line as it was more complex than originally he thought. Michael compromised and completed the job at his original quoted price and although I was reluctant initially to his ideas, his design worked well. I continued to use Michael due to his exceptional knowledge of FileMaker. His skills as a Programmer / Systems Analyst coupled with his professionalism take Michael to the top level of the eLance community and he is now our only choice for repeated FileMaker projects as our automotive car loan business continues to expand. The software project is an on going collaborative effort and has had over 70 revisions / additions to date, making it a smooth and unique software design giving my business a competitive edge over the rest of my industry. EXCELLENT WORK and congratulations to Michael on a job well performed!  Randy Wright, Auto Focus Canada

Michael is the most professional and knowledgable person with in this industry that I have EVER done business with.

Michael is truly a wizard with Filemaker. He developed a complex, enterprise-wide program for our commercial construction company to use. The program served as our platform to manage budget and subcontracts. After it’s initial roll-out, we continued to work with Michael to incrementally improve it over a number of years with great success. Michael is good at listening to what his client needs and using his tremendous FM expertise to deliver an effective solution.  Eric Raff, President, XL Construction

Michael has great project management skills, stays highly organized during complex, long-term programming tasks, and maintains a super sense of humor. His communication skills and foresight allow him to work smoothly with all team members, while translating our varied departmental requests into a finished product that exceeds our expectations. He knows his stuff, keeps deadlines and always delivers workable, elegant solutions…. on time.  Roberta Crowell, Marketing Manager, Whipple Enterprises

Michael has gone above and beyond with his customer service skills, exceeded my expectations beyond what I knew was possible, doubled the efficiency of the business if not tripled, and the whole process has been seamless. He has answered all of my questions in great detail during the process of creating a very complex system but he has simplified it in a way that anyone would understand. Every aspect of this custom built system has been seamless. If you can dream it he can build it.  Ben Olson, Black Canyon Anglers

I received numerous quotes for the job I had posted. Many were significantly less expensive than Michael’s. I ultimately decided to work with Michael because I was impressed by his experience, professionalism, and understanding of my needs. He did not let me down. I am extremely happy with the results. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a customized, quality Filemaker database.  Eli Adler

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