Referral Program

We believe that business should always be a win-win situation.

To this end, we are determined to deliver extreme value for money when we provide a solution for any business.

On top of that we have a referral program in place so that, if you are delighted with the solution that we’ve provided you, and refer our program(s) or services to somebody that you know, we will thank you for that referral by giving you 15%, of that order. (If the order is for the lease option and you are also leasing, we will reduce your monthly fees by 15% which means that, after 7 referrals, you end up paying no monthly fees and will even get a payment from us each month.

If you have us create a customized version for your industry and you then refer people to us for that solution, you get a referral fee of 25% (of the base solution and not any additional customization).

There are no limits to the number of referral fees that you can get but we only want you to refer people if you are delighted with your solution. If you are not delighted with it, then, please, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call (303) 856-5778 and tell us what is wrong so that we can fix it.

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