As a FileMaker™ developer, I know that it’s really easy to just focus on your own thing and not look anywhere else for solutions or tools that would help you be more efficient and/or effective.  We tend to suffer from the NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome and view everything else with suspicion, that is, if we look at it at all.

I’m constantly putting together resources and material that will help other FileMaker developers, but hardly anybody ever looks at them so here is a listing of those resources and how you can use and benefit from them.


There are tens, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of companies that rely on Excel to manage their businesses.   Many of them do so because Excel is what they know and they don’t know what its limitations are or why they should be looking at FileMaker™ instead.

has 8 videos that show side by side comparisons, using common business tasks, between Excel and FileMaker.  Show your Excel clients some of these and you may find that their attitude changes.


Businesses make some strange decisions; I know, I’ve seen lots of them over the years.  Knowing this, and being able to do something about it, are two very different animals.   Making the point with humor is much more effective than a direct confrontation so to help make those points, I’ve made 14 animated films illustrating actual situation and making fun of them.  The films use the voices of John Cleese, Billy Connolly and Jack Nicholson. Your clients should get a laugh out of them but may also recognize themselves.


This is one of the most common objections you will hear. but it is made by people who are uncertain of what they are going to get for their money. It’s not just about the money.  The post below is a case history of a project, for a manufacturing company that has experienced 300% growth since investing in a custom FileMaker solution, and regard it as some of the best money they have ever spent.  Watch the video (interviews with the owner and his 4 department heads), and then show that to your clients as a compelling argument for them to hire YOU to transform their business.

All I ask in return is, if they help you overcome an objection or open a door that was previously closed, please let me know.


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