Semi-Custom Software

Developing a custom piece of software from the ground up is, generally, a length, painstaking and expensive process and the cost of doing so puts it out of the range of all but a few successful companies.

Typically a simple solution will take 50-100 hours with a medium one taking 100-300 hours and a complex one much longer than that. Apart from the cost, there is a lot of work involved from the clients end (testing, reviewing, etc). and the process can take months or even years.

To mitigate the process and to keep the cost down so that it is affordable for even small companies, we’ve been developing a range of programs that have a minimum of 300 hours of work already done and which can then be customized for any business or industry within, typically, 50 hours. This means that we can deliver a complete. fully customized solution in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the cost of having it built from scratch. (Each time we do this, it results in a new core solution for that industry which we market to that industry).

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