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Hello, I’m Michael Rocharde. I’ve had a very interesting life. I’ve lived in 6 countries, learned 4 languages and have been a full-time professional FileMaker developer since 1987. In addition to FileMaker, I do multiple other things. Below you will find links to all of those different things so click on any one that you are interested in.

I live in Spain, right on the Mediterranean. My focus these days is helping other developers get better and creating training materials. I take on very few FileMaker™ projects but I do a lot of meta-consulting.

Click on any of the logos below to go to that site.

The single-screen FileMaker™ solution. Downloaded in 40 countries by 236 developers.

Co-Host of Fireside FileMaker with John Mark Osborne. 

Tutorial videos

MeetUp group to help beginner to intermediate developers. Regular meetings.

A satirical site listing all the stupid (and that includes nasty) things that people do. Lots of humor.

A series of 15 animated films about all the crazy things I’ve seen business owners do

Originally I was ‘stuck in Spain’ but I live here and love it. This site is about all things Spanish, my trips and experiences.

A new way of document creation.  Ideal for law firms and the like.

Motivational speeches and my blog..

Thought-provoking (hopefully) articles. Follow me.