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Published April 2013

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To be published in 2019

To be published mid-2019

To be published 2019

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If you are tired of typing the same thing over and over again and want to create complex (or not so complex) documents with a minimum of typing and just a few mouse clicks, click on the Document Generator logo above to learn more.

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To be published mid-2019


Tips and tricks that you can use to improve your solutions and a detailed comparison showing the benefits of using FileMaker (or any database program) over Excel (or any spreadsheet program)

“By breaking processes into repeatable, predictable steps and assigning those tasks to software, companies can lower costs, provide better customer service, reduce error rates, generate useful data, and free workers for more innovative, creative activities.” – WSJ (Wall Street Journal)

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The videos below are short extracts from the main video at the top of the page.

The FileMaker™ advantage

Are you using Spreadsheets?

Microsoft Access

SAP, SQL & Oracle

Hiring a Developer

Website Apps