“I left home for the first time at the tender age of two.”

A collection of humorous anecdotes and memories from the life of an adventurer with an irrepressible sense of humor.

These are my stories, as I remember them!

My name is Michael Rocharde. I’m British, 71 years old, and, for most of it, I’ve lived a fantastic life fueled by a large amount of luck, and by a willingness to take risks that most people wouldn’t dare to.  I’ve travelled all over the world; lived in 6 foreign countries, and become fairly fluent in 4 languages. I’ve followed my dreams, no matter where they have led me, and have used up more than a few lives doing so.  I’ve also never listened to the naysayers; those who say “It won’t work”, or “It’s a bad idea.”

On October 6, 2121, I experienced a life-changing event; a heart attack while on a train to Madrid.  It made me realize, for the first time, that I’m not actually immortal and that my days are numbered.  I don’t say this with any expectation that I’m about to die, but more as a realization that I need to get the things done that I’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t got around to. This book is one of those things.

So why should you read, or listen to, this collection of humorous anecdotes from my life?  I’m not rich; I’m not famous.  I haven’t changed the world, although I keep trying.  I think the answer is that I’ve always had an irrepressible sense of humor, albeit British, and I love to make others laugh.

But let’s start at the beginning, well not quite at the beginning but two years on …







Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5







What an easy to read gem!!! It is very funny and has me in fits of giggles with what the author has been up to from his early years of life through to present day, so far.

Would I recommend this book to anyone? Yes, I definitely do and I would give the book review 6 stars!!! Absolutely love this book and cannot wait for the next chapters to be written.

Rosie Marsh

Enjoyed yor first 3 chapters.  Well written and I’m curious to know if this is non fiction?

Yes, Matt. this is non fiction with some poetic license and a dash of hyperbole.

Matt Michenzi

……highly amusing – the kidnapping is hilarious!  Can’t wait for you as a spy.

Allen Jackson

The army years were funny. I especially liked your offer to travel to Argentina overland and attack them from behind. Priceless.

Mark Lewis

I thoroughly enjoyed your chapter on your early army days.  Well done.

Steve Van Beek

Make sure you are comfortably seated with a good chunk of time ahead of you because you won’t be able to put it down. No sooner the first sentence is read, one is compelled to ask, “What, How, Why” with “This I gotta to know”.

The very first paragraph is engaging, very engaging as is the whole chapter. The story telling is nimble. The humour equally punctuated throughout. “Hard to keep up throughout the book” one might think as the anecdotes come before one has processed the last. Yet, all these factors are consistent throughout, fast paced and regular. Simple sketches told by an eternal optimist had me laughing out loud. 

Sally Clayton

I just listened to the first “Childhood”. Very enjoyable. I felt as if I was there with you.

George Jacobs

Just read the first three chapters of your book which I found quite interesting. Each time you told a story it was very imaginative and I could see you clearly acting the part– so well done.

Have you written anymore? If so I’d like to read it.

Martin Greene


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