Mosquito Season by Michael Rocharde

I feel a homicidal glee
At killings I cannot see
But the zaps I hear
Are music to my ear
Mosquitos buzzing around
With that annoying sound
Drawn by the enticing light
Hiding the electric might
Of the killing zone.
Oh, I love that tone
That wonderful sound
Resonating around.
Now some do sizzle
But many just fizzle
Still dead is dead
As has been said.
I’m particularly fond
Of the electric wand
As I wave it through the air
It hardly seems fair
That so may of these mites
Will no longer be giving bites,
But there is a definite thrill
Of going for the kill
But no matter how hard I try
And how many of them die
More come to take their place
Invading my private space.
I’m not so very sure
That I can win this war
But I sure am trying
To expedite the frying.

© Michael Rocharde, June 2022

Dump the Chump by Michael Rocharde

How did he win
With such a thin

Ego so wide
Not much inside;
Wish he’d hide.

Likes to tweet.
Oh so sweet;
Ho-hum feat.

Insults abound
When he’s around;
Jaws hit ground.

Thinks he’s cool
Egotistic fool
Regret your vote; you’ll.

Think Nixon was a crook?
The world just shook
When the Presidency he took.

Hateful man.
Not a fan
Would like to ban

Rhymes with chump
Would like to dump
Gives many the hump.

© Michael Rocharde, January 2017