The January 6 Commission – a poem by Michael Rocharde, July 13, 2022

The Jan 6 Committee holds a hearing

Detailing what Republicans are fearing.

Evidence is mounting by the day

Sworn testimony, not tweets or hearsay

Proof positive Trump’s conduct

Was a blatant attempt to obstruct

The lawful transfer of power

With multiple efforts every hour.

Conspirators they have been named

But yet they claim to be defamed

It’s just not commonsense

To ignore all this evidence

And yet many stick their heads in the sand

And loudly claim this cannot stand

It’s a witch hunt is what they say

Repeating this ridiculous claim every day.

Their behavior was beyond the pale

And they should all end up in jail.

They are guilty of a heinous crime

And justice demands they serve time.

I wonder what possessed

These people to be so obsessed

With following a man so inflamed

With election fraud, or so he claimed.

Commonsense fled in disarray

Like actors fleeing a bad play

Trump was a man feeling the blues

Could not comprehend that he could lose

And when he so obviously did

Of sensible voices, he wanted to be rid

And only listen to those who fed

His fragile ego; a watershed

Moment in this country’s long life.

Far worse than wars or previous strife.

The country is divided, and much worse

Those who support Trump are averse

To listening to the truth.

With the ignorance of callow youth

They only see the lies

Spread by people that they despise

There is no pretense

Of listening to the evidence,

And there never will

Especially on the Hill.

The DOJ must prosecute these seditionists

These so-called abolitionists.

A message must be sent

For none of them will repent

Their part in this insurrection,

This fallacious, and dangerous obstruction.

Crimes they were committed

Encouraged and permitted

By an egomaniac and those fools

Who’d support him even if he drools.

I’ve never been a fan

of Trump, a dangerous man.

It might seem to be perverse

But he is the absolute worst

Example of the human race.

I cannot express my distaste

In terms you would not regard as absurd

There is not one single word

To sum up his place in history

Except to go back to prehistory

And call him a dinosaur,

And a loser, more than sore.

The hearings are coming to a close

The ex-emperor has no clothes

With which to cover up his crimes

But it is a sign of the times

That we must wonder why,

Despite those who died

In this attempt to subvert

or should we say pervert

Democracy at it’s core

As well as all the more.

Is it too much for us to ask

The DOJ to perform the task

That they are enjoined to perform

So that perhaps we might reform

And the country start to heal

From the crimes that were real.

Traitors slinking in the night

Doing everything that was not right.

There must be prosecution

Maybe not execution

But long years behind bars

without a window to see the stars.

But here’s the thing

A President who wanted to be a king

With an ego knowing no bounds.

Bars should now be his surrounds.

He should have a number, not a name

With only himself to blame.

Merrick Garland, you must, without fail

Put all these conspirators in jail.

Prosecute to the full extent of the law.

That is, after all, what we pay you for.

You must not give into fear,

But protect that which you hold dear

And if the crazies take up arms

Open up a few new prison farms,

And let them break rocks for a decade or two

While their irrational behavior they rue.

© Michael Rocharde, July 13, 2022