Gun Control by Michael Rocharde

There’s a mass shooting now every day

“Nothing we can do”, the politicians say.

“Gun control does not work”, they add

“And the protests are just a fad,

That will soon pass.”

To which I reply “Kiss my arse,

You’re just weak and spineless; 

Not to mention mindless.

If you cared at all about the dead

You would be seeing red,

But you only care about the green

Which is more than a little obscene.

The NRA pulls your strings

And you take their word for things

That are patently absurd

But you listen to every word

Repeating all of their lies

To the people you despise

Cause once they voted for you

Their usefulness is through.

You resort to platitudes

Said to confuse the multitudes,

But behind the scenes

You know you have the means

To reduce the killing

But that wouldn’t be thrilling

Because it’s publicity you seek

Every time you speak

With photo ops abounding

So you’re in the paper every day.

Claiming that all we need to do is pray.

WTF is wrong with you

Apart from being scum, through and through.

You have absolutely no feeling

For families, and communities, that are grieving

And you’ll bemoan the fact it is so bad

Whilst claiming to be sad

But in truth you don’t care

It’s just another scare.

For every vote you lose

There’s dollars and booze

To more than adequately compensate

You for those that loudly berate

And say you’re a useless piece of shit

Holding office for which you are unfit.

If you were stood in front of a wall,

Perhaps you would be held in thrall

While a madman takes his shot.

Now he might miss or he might not,

But, in any case, I’d wish him luck

Because, as a human being, you suck!”

There’s a mass shooting now every day

“Nothing we can do!”, the politicians say.

© Michael Rocharde, June 6, 2022



Politicians by Michael Rocharde

Politicians; they’re all the same

Lie, steal; they have no shame.

On the campaign trail

They never fail

To say what people want to hear

And make it very clear

That once elected they will 

All promises made, fulfill.

But once campaigning is done

And their election won

The promises they made to win

Go straight into the bin.

Then calls are made

To those who paid

For their campaign

Before they can complain

About not getting their quid pro quo.

Making sure they can show

Who it is they really serve

While we, the public, observe

And get what we actually deserve

For believing all the promises made

Knowing that we will be betrayed.

Why is that we believe the lies

From those we know despise

Us, and all those who have no sway

And who the politicians want to go away.

And yet when election time comes again

It will be the same old refrain

Promises made with no intention to keep

And given without any loss of sleep.

Politicians lack conscience

You don’t need prescience

To know this to be true

They despise us, me and you.

We hold no value in their eyes

Which is why they tell us lies.

All we have to do is vote

Without thinking, just by rote

Suspending our disbelief and trust

That they will do what they must

Knowing, in our hearts, that it’s in vain;

Just another runaway train

Of corruption going off the rails

With few, if any, audit trails.

Trust no politicians is the golden rule!

If you ignore it, you are the fool

Or, more likely one of the sheeple

Barely qualifying as people.

Politicians; they’re all the same

Lie, steal; they have no shame.

© Michael Rocharde 2021