Ode to an ex-President by Michael Rocharde

‘Fake News’ is the claim
Whenever he needs someone to blame
But he’s the one that lies
To those that he does despise
Other than his Foxy friends
To whom he’s always making amends.

Briefing papers from experts are ignored
He doesn’t want to be bored
Instead he tunes into Fox
Yes, he’s addicted to the box
They tell him what he wants to hear
And they know they’ve got his ear.

Hannity, Limbaugh et al, egg him on
He listens to their partisan song
Thinking that he’s the one they admire
And that he should conspire
To spread their version of the truth
With the gullibility of extreme youth.
Shame that they are liars who think they are cool
Feeding crap to an unremitting fool.

He says he’s smarter than all
But those much smarter take the fall.
When they dare to disagree,
He goes on a Twitter spree
Spouting insults with a dose of bile
Through a forced smile.
Underneath all the bluster
He knows he can’t pass muster
He’s always in a muddle
Out of his depth in a puddle
But he has a desperate need to be heard
Even though the things he says are absurd.

He thinks he’s a heavy hitter
And there’s nobody fitter
He claims to be a uniter
But he’s a racist and divider
Ranting and raving on Twitter
Proving there’s nobody unfitter
To be in the White House.
But he’s a lousy louse
Who, despite all his unremitting shit
Has convinced himself he’s a hit

The GOP has lost their soul
Betting all on the roll
Of a pair of dice
Just so they can play nice
with a man they fear.
They hold nothing dear
All they care about
Is a Republican rout
When election time arrives
Is that what really drives
Them to be such puppets
But they are truly Muppets
Dangling on a string
While Chump does his thing.

Were this to be a movie plot
Even Hollywood would say not
Believable, even by a fool
Unless they happen to drool.
Nobody would pay to see
A moron running free
Obsessing over power
Getting worse by the hour.

Chump is a sociopath
Perhaps more so than a psychopath
But there’s truly something wrong
He’s weak and not remotely strong
Somehow he makes people fear;
And that’s how he got to here.

It is the bully pulpit
That makes him so unfit
To be the White House resident
Holding the office of President.
Almost anybody would be a better choice
And then the country would rejoice
But that would mean we’d get Pence
A religious nut without sense.
As to his personality; he has none
So it wouldn’t be any fun
Nor would we smile
To have him for a while
But, with that all said
Chump staying on
Fills me with dread
While Putin rubs his dirty hands together
Planning that we should have Chump forever.

But here’s the thing
Chump desperately wants to be a King
But he’s really a wannabe dictator
And, unlike Obama, not an orator.
He thinks we’re all stupid
And wee should love him like Cupid.
And there are many that do
But the many is really only a few,
Misguided fools who like his message of hate
And love to see him berate
And as he rants and raves
To get the attention he craves
The world laughs behind his back
And some people give him flak
But he cannot take a hint
For his heart is made of flint.

Does he have a single real friend
Because they all know that the trend
Is, when he deems that they’ve failed,
They are likely to be jailed
Serving their time
For the main crime
Of supporting a liar and a Fraud
Cause that’s how he thinks the game is scored.

He wants us all to believe
That he can achieve
Making America great again
But that’s just a con game
His only aim is greed
Money and power is his need
And he’ll lie, cheat and steal
To make that deal.

His supporters lap it all up
The lies, false promises and shtup
Gullible must be their middle name
But they aren’t really to blame
Born with not much in the way of brains
They soak up all of Chump’s refrains
They worship at the altar of their god
Who’s decidedly ungodly and very odd.

Chump has a lot of shtick
For somebody who’s thick
Plus he’s a total dick
and, a pony with one trick.

© Michael Rocharde, April 2019